Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most commonly posed questions

How does this work?

Via ads or word of mouth, you receive inquiries. Many of them don't fit your specialty, schedule, capacity or interest. Don't turn them away. Instead, call Dirtywork, and we'll bring in a verified partner to serve that client behind your brand, in front of it, or alongside it: whatever you like. For merely calling us, you collect at least 10% for at least 1 year. Often, it's more like 20% for 2 years.

Why are you

Why would my discarded leads work for the other guy?

Because of specialty+schedule. Folks are often too busy, or have moved away from that specific focus area. That's ok, because someone else is happy to pick up the slack!

How does the money work?

It works on a CPA basis. You hand us the lead. We find a home for it. You get a cut when it closes. Same in the other direction. You can get free leads off of us, and only pay if it closes. Can you imagine if Google worked this way!

Say that again: you hand me the lead for no money up front?

Exactly. It keeps everyone honest. Grab that lead. Go close it. If you close it, everybody wins.

Ok so how does the split work?

It varies per lead. 70/20/10 over 2 years is a common arrangement.

That sounds generally reasonable, but can I tweak terms per lead?

Of course, if it makes sense, it makes sense. If you have a particularly hot tip, we're happy to accommodate that either on split or time horizon.

How do I protect my brand from some other provider's performance?

We verify the crap out of every partner. We visit their offices, we interview their people. We're not messing around. Our job is to deliver trust, so firms that are technically competitors can morph into allies.

What kind of close rates are you seeing?

As high as the lead's quality. If the lead is good, it'll close fast, and you'll be paid handsomely.

Ok I'm getting excited. How do I get started?

Just head on over to the contact section and drop us a line. Someone will be with you shortly.