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How does it work?

Four sources for cleaner coordination among all parties.

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Tech 3
Source 1 —


Everybody does NDAs, so everybody gets to see the commit log, if not the actual source.

Tech 1
Source 2 —


Everybody sees when the client pays, and sees the money get divvied up according to the deal. Everybody gets paid on time, with no wiggle room for anyone.

Tech 2
Source 3 —


Everybody gets onto the channel, stays connected throughout. This about paying each other instead of Google. Let's get on the same page!

Tech 4
Source 4 —


Whether folks are relying on Jira, Redmine, Email, Google Docs or any other source, we deploy custom hooks into all those sources, and pipe them directly into the group slack channel. As long as everybody stays informed, and everybody gets paid, everybody's happy!

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Build complex projects

Instead of dumping cash into Google AdWords and dropping 90% of inquiries on the floor, leverage Dirtywork's comprehensive, verified bench to rapidly build coalitions, and ship projects.

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There's a trust issue to overcome. We overcome it with transparency, backed by high levels of information automation. Pay each other, not the advertising giants.

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Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll have access to real-time stats on all project interactions and revenue metrics.

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Unlike ads, Dirtywork lets you acquire projects with $0 up front. Share a cut, everybody wins!

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Optimize Execution

Driving delivery and increasing transparency is what we do. And our account team is here to help you do the same.

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24/7 Project Support

Our project team provides 18-hour support, 6 days a week.